Chances are if you're reading this page it's because you bought the product and never even gave it a look. You left it sit on your hard drive to collect cyber "dust." And now you're hoping you're back in time to claim your refund, because you've decided to go a "different" direction.

Truth is that most people who buy "make money online" products never implement it, just as most people who buy "diet" products keep over eating. If you want real change in your life you're gonna have to suck it up and stick it out.

If you see a program that is so quick to give you a refund when you ask, you should probably question whether or not it really works. That being said if you do demand a refund because the program "doesn't work" and it's within 30 days of your purchase, I will assign a customer service rep to go through the steps with you and make sure you've implemented them correctly. If so and you still didn't get results then I will happily refund your payment in full. Deal?